Thursday, July 7, 1994

Webb Wilder, Last Of The Full Grown Men ~ 1994

Born John Webb McMurray, May 19, 1954,in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Webb Wilder is a musician who famously mixes the sounds of country, surf guitar and rock & roll known as "swampedelic". He currently resides in Nashville, TN. His first album, Webb Wilder and the Beatnecks "It Came From Nashville", was released in 1986.

The Webb Wilder character was created for a short film under the title of Corn Flicks. Wilder's Corn Flicks consists of three stories: Private Eye, Horror Hayride and Aunt Hallie and is about a backwoods private detective who fell out of the '50s and happened to also be a musician. With his group, Wilder combines the surf guitar of the Ventures with the rock roots of Duane Eddy, drawing on the feel of both country music and film noir. Though sometimes bordering on the gimmicky, the band is quite humorous yet plays serious music.

Probably the only musician with his very own "Credo":
Work Hard
Rock Hard
Eat Hard
Sleep Hard
Grow Big...and
Wear Glasses If You Need'Em!

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