Sunday, July 18, 1999

Billy Bacon and The Forbidden Pigs ~ 1999

Billy Bacon likes to call the kind of music he makes "Texmex-blues-abilly." With his band, the Forbidden Pigs — or the "swingin' swine" from San Diego — he has put out albums that shake it up with a combination of rock and Latin music. Among his recordings are Una Mas Cerveza, the group's debut put out by Triple X in 1991; the follow-up album The Other White Meat, issued by Triple X in 1992; a CD of live material titled Thirteen Years of Bad Road, in 1999; and Pork Que?, from Swine Song Records in 2000. Bacon has taken the pig — er, bull — by the horns and taken charge of several important aspects that have contributed to his trio's rise.

In addition to acting as the Forbidden Pigs' leader and frontman, Bacon writes the songs, handles publicity, manages the group's tours, and takes care of its website. At one time, he even had to be the bouncer during a couple of shows. In later years, he took on the job of record company executive, establishing and running Swine Song Records. Hepcat acts as distributor for U.S. and international sales. His cohorts in the Forbidden Pigs are drummer Randy "The Hammer" Willert and guitarist Jerry "Hot Rod" DeMink, who previously worked with blues saxophonist A.C. Reed.

Bacon and his band have attracted some diverse fans. A few who appeared on The Other White Meat are guitarist and former Eagle Joe Walsh, blues vocalist Candye Kane, and accordion player Chris Gaffney. Dave Alvin, a noted producer of roots rock music, also put his talents to use on the album. Gaffney also contributed to Thirteen Years of Bad Road, as did Tim "Steelbone" Cook. And now Billy and His Band of Baco's have relocated to the Austin area where Texans of all ages can become totally fried.

If you really want to get "fried" check out the whole Slab o'Bacon

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