Monday, June 23, 1997

Katie Webster ~ 1997

Katie Webster, the Swamp Boogie Queen, was born January 1936. She is acknowledged as one of the most important blues artists of her generation.
Katie had to deal with deeply religious parents who did everything in their power to stop their daughter from playing R&B. But the rocking sounds of Fats Domino and Little Richard were simply too persuasive. Local guitarist, Ashton Savoy, took her under his wing, sharing her 1958 debut 45 for the Kry logo.
In 1964, she guested with Otis Redding's band at the Bamboo Club in Lake Charles and so impressed the charismatic Redding that he absconded with her. For the next three years, Webster served as his opening act, but after his death went into semi-retirement. Until the 1980s this boisterous singer and pianist was known only to record collectors, but beginning in the 1980s she was booked for European tours and recorded albums for the German record label, Ornament Records.
To balance these solo efforts, she cut You Know That's Right with the band Hot Links, and the album that established her in the United States; The Swamp Boogie Queen with "Silent Partner" Russell Jackson, Tony Coleman, and Andrew "Jr. Boy" Jones and with guest spots by Bonnie Raitt and Robert Cray. The lovably extroverted boogie pianist encored with Two-Fisted Mama! and No Foolin' before suffering the stroke. She died on September 5, 1999 at the age of 63. ~ Wikipedia

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