Friday, June 25, 1993

Joe "King" Carrasco ~ 1993 & 2002

One of the real "characters" to play at Alleyfest, Joe Carrasco was born in Dumas, Texas. His name Joe Teusch doesn't quite has the proper Tex-Mex ring so enter Joe "King" Carrasco. He founded the band "Joe 'King' Carrasco and El Molino" in Texas in the late 70s. The band appeared at the now-infamous Raul's club,a live music nightclub in Austin near the UT campus which specialized in punk rock music.

By 1979 he had formed the Crowns and was calling his music "nuevo wavo," playing especially in New York, where he appeared on stage in a cape and crown. He was signed to the U.K. Stiff label and Joe Boyd's Hannibal label in the U.S., and released Joe "King" Carrasco and the Crowns in 1980. By 1982 he had moved up to major label MCA for Synapse Gap, followed by Party Weekend (1983). ~ Wikipedia / Allmusic Guide

A true self promoter, get the full scoop on Joe's current goings on at his website:

Here's Joe on Joe:

Bonus: Here's Joe and El Moleno!

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