Wednesday, July 19, 1989

The Bluebirds ~ 1989, 1993, 1997, 1998, 1999 2000

The Brothers Flett, that's Bruce and Buddy, along with Kerry Hunter are old veterans of Alleyfest playing five times beginning with "The Big Rain Out" at L.D.D.C.'s first street dance in 1989. That first "Rigadoon" was almost rained out and moved to the local armory in a matter of minutes. Power outage aside, the event was a big success and started a great tradition of music in downtown Longview.

The Bluebirds were raised out of the ashes of Shreveport's legendary A-Train, by bassist/vocalist Bruce Flett, drummer/vocalist Kerry Hunter and guitar master Buddy Flett. The band has seen a flux during the last few years with Buddy having some serious health problems and Kerry traveling with his other job, but the Bluebirds are stll a favorite in the region. Every performance through the years brought different sides of the band. They played as a three piece blues/rock power group, with A Train allumni Miki Honeycutt and as the Bluebird Revue with Miki, The Moretown Horns, and Marshall guitarist Wes Jeans.

Here's Bruce (with stand-in guitar and drums)

Here's Buddy

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